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HGTV writes "Natural stone is a classic choice for kitchen countertops, but it does require maintenance." Granite, marble and soapstone are just some of the natural stones used for kitchen and vanity countertops, and we offer all three at Dessco Countertops.

Natural stone is a favorite among countertop materials. Its beauty alone puts it on top demand, especially granite countertops. Natural stone countertops offer great durability, wonderful elegance and a long life.

The fabrication and installation of natural stone countertops requires craftsmen that are trained in the skills necessary to fabricate and install them.

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"Soapstone has found a quiet niche of its own with homeowners who enjoy its durability, character and beauty."

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  • Dessco Countertops, Granite Countertops

    There is no doubt about it that granite is a countertop material of choice due to its outstanding durability, and natural beauty. Granite is available in an amazing array of colourful and unique patterns and no two granite tops are exactly the same. By its nature, granite is moisture-resistant - however, it's also porous. Sealants help to block liquids from seeping into the granite.

  • Dessco Countertops, Marble Countertops

    Marble countertops offer a variety of colours and veining. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it changes from its original, sedimentary form to marble under severe pressure and heat. That highly distinctive aspect of marble--the veining--is the result of impurities in the original limestone. Marble is relatively soft compared to granite and is more susceptible to staining.

  • Dessco Countertops, Soapstone Countertops

    Our soapstone is what is commonly known as "Original" stone, which means it is the more black coloured stone. It generally has very unique taupe veining, which is enhanced with the application of mineral oil. Soapstone, though it is a soft stone, is one of the most heat resistant materials and scratching may be buffed out with an abrasive pad. It is truly one of the more beautiful countertops.